Exterior Hazard Abatement


The Community Risk Division develops and enforces standards and fire codes related to life safety and fire risk reduction within the District’s boundaries. If you have questions about fire codes, defensible space, a concern about a property or building, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Community Risk Division’s efforts play an increasingly important part in the fire department activities, through inspection and enforcement activities that identify and abate fire hazards in the community. Our mission is to assist in the preservation of life and property by advocating, promoting, and providing leadership in the prevention and mitigation of fire and other related hazardous conditions.


At the heart of any code enforcement program is an adopted fire code and related standards. Codes and standards establish minimum requirements, but should not prevent or discourage someone from exceeding the minimum requirement.


We appreciate the input from our citizens of their concerns about possible hazards in their neighborhood. Please contact the Community Risk Division if you notice a possible fire or safety hazard.


Community Risk Division Requirements



Please refer to the Exterior Hazard Abatement Ordinance. This Ordinance complies with the California State Fire Marshal’s office and has been adopted by the Anderson Fire Protection District. 



Contact The Fire Marshal’s office by emailing AFDFireMarhsal@andersonfire.org 


Scheduling Inspections



If you would like to schedule an inspection, contact the Community Risk Division (530) 360-2267. Please be sure to specify to the person you are scheduling an inspection with what type of inspection you would like i.e. rough/hydro, a final for building or sprinkler, knox/gate, or tent inspection. Inspections are first come first served. If you require multiple re-inspections, you may be charged additional inspection fees.