Exterior Hazard Abatement


The mission of Anderson Fire Protection District’s Community Risk Reduction Division is to ensure the safety of our community. The Exterior Hazard Abatement Ordinance is one aspect Anderson Fire Protection District uses to reduce the threat of fire hazards within our comunity. This ordinance is a guideline to reduce the wildfire risk in the community, minimize the risk to our personnel, and to help with fighting fires. The Fire Hazard Abatement Order is within the standards of the law dictated by the California State Fire Marshal’s office. If you have received a letter regarding the Fire Hazard Abatement Order, please note that an abatement order is not only for the good of the community it is for the good of our firefighters. We aim for the capability of our firefighters to be able to respond to any call and be able to make a difference. We as a department can make the most difference during wildland fires when there is proper defensible space, proper clearance, limbing of over hanging trees, and the removal of dead and downed trees and brush.


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